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Frequently Asked Questions...

Are all the pictures on this site real?

Hell no, I have no clue whether any of these are real or not.  I either found them on forums or they were sent to me so I posted them.

Will you do pictures of non-UT players?


What is the point of this?

I wanted some sort of personal achievement; plus I was bored.

Can you put my picture up?

Yes, just go to either of the forums, Addicted/ProUnreal and post your pic, eventually I will find it or Pablo will tell me about it.  Or you can send it via DCC to Pablo and he will send it to me since he has more contacts and is online more.

I want my picture removed, NOW!

Okay, take it easy just tell Pablo or me and its gone ASAP.

Why aren't there more pictures?

Well, I need to get more pictures, a lot of people don't want to show themselves and I don't blame them.  Its a personal decision to show yourself over the internet.

Anything else we should know?

To clarify, I have pictures of some people and aren't sure whether they are legit, so I didn't post them.  For example, I have like 8 pictures of Celeste, however, after hearing accusations of Celeste not being a female (mostly from 1979 and grif) I decided to not post them because I think they are a waste of time.  Most of the other pictures are ones I believe are valid but once again, am not 100% certain.  Enjoy!

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